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The Work Pod Is The New Cubicle

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Stepping away from the typical call-center style, our client wanted to create a more modern space allowing employees the ability to collaborate while also maintaining the right amount of privacy. These propeller shaped work pods provided just that.


Client: Customer Service and Support Center

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Scope: Open Work Pods with Pin-wheel Stations and Power Poles

Materials: Powdercoated Steel Frame, Frosted Acrylic Panels, Wood Grain Laminates

Project completed in 2015

floorplan work pod cubicle

Each work pod allows for four individual workstations connecting them at an integrated power pole that seamlessly holds all electrical wires running from the ceiling to each station providing power for computers and phones. The power poles allow for a cleaner and contemporary look so that the spaces are not cluttered with wires and also making it easier to add or reconfigure electrical connections when needed.


The delta shaped work stations give each station more space than a rectangular desk and its depth is ideal for work stations using dual monitors.

pinwheel cubicle

The translucent panels not only provide just the right amount of privacy but also allow for light to shine through.

Because of the pod’s shape and the way they are strategically laid out in the space, no pod lines up right next to the other once again deviating from the classic call-center style. It was very important to the client that all employees felt they had their own individual space without compromising the ability to easily collaborate with their colleagues.


As an add-on, we created mobile screens for employees to move around giving them the option of more privacy when necessary.

pinwheel cubicle

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