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Trending: Collaborative Work Desks

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Today, creating a progressive and creative work ambiance is very important and providing a collaborative workplace for employees to naturally engage with one another has been on the rise. Many companies, especially those in a creative industry, have adopted the trending collaborative work desk allowing for a greater sense of community. These desks are long tables with multiple individual workstations, allowing for a close working environment that facilitates easy face-to-face communication. Companies now encourage their staff to connect with one another and a collaborative work desk strongly communicates that.



The collaborative workstation provides a variety of benefits for both the company as a whole and the individual employees utilizing the space.

  1. Providing a collaborative environment promotes employee communication, workflow and high work ethic. When everyone is mixed together in a communal space, teamwork no longer becomes an effort but becomes a natural part of the workday where people and ideas flow.
  2. In this day in age, almost all of our documents are stored neatly on our electronics moving us far, far away from those stacks of paperwork sitting on our desks taking a lot of space. With this digital evolution, majority of employees today simply need a desk for their computer, telephone, and a small storage space for other belongings. The long collaborative desks have become a great option for those companies looking to take advantage of a more well-managed and organized workspace.
  3. As workspace designs become more and more creative, the look of an organically shaped long desk is an attractive statement for the overall look and ambiance of the workspace and is also an attractive look for visiting clients, partners and potential employees.

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Customizable Options

The right collaborative work desk will vary from company to company and highly depends on the type of work a company does, its company culture and the number of employees utilizing the space. The right solution may even vary among departments within the same organization. As a company who specializes in custom solutions, we provide a wide variety of options to make your collaborative desk work for your company.

  1. While many desks come in standard shapes and sizes, our customized desks are more often made in a natural, organic curved shape, creating natural breaks between individual workstations while also providing a progressive layout of the workspace. These shapes also create more natural paths through the environment, allowing staff to move freely within the space without being blocked or slowed down.
  2. Some companies prefer a very open layout where employees are able to look directly at one another; others opt for more private workstations in which we can add panel dividers with acoustical options between employees so that while collaboration is encouraged, individual performance and privacy is not hampered.
  3. Additional work desk add-ons are available including whiteboards, overhead and below desk storage spaces. Customization allows work desks to meet the company’s individual desires and requirements for their environment.