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Baldwin& Workstations

Working together with North Carolina-based Alliance Architecture, dTank recognized that the space for the branding and advertising firm Baldwin& needed a flowing dynamic that complimented the long and narrow quarters of its office. Utilizing an S-shaped benching configuration, the sculptural arrangement fostered interaction in the open areas as well as varying levels of privacy in the non-linearity of workspace placement. Playing against a dark and light-themed interior canvas, white RTF work surfaces and powder coated orange steel divider panels were strategically placed as pops of bright elements in the hub of the workspace.


Marked by the hot-rolled steel wall panels which double as magnetic posting surfaces, the Raleigh office features a stripped-down industrial aesthetic that dictated many of the furniture components. The curved spine panel that snakes along the center of each work bench compliments this, as do the table legs in hot-rolled steel pipe-fittings. Aside from the curvilinear benching system, the continuity of hot-rolled steel divider panels and white laminate work tops are also applied to the series of dog-bone clusters, most of which are situated on the second floor mezzanine. A final dTank component is comprised of the white laminate huddle table and chairs positioned at the entryway of the office.



As Baldwin& communicates informality and creativity, its converted antique warehouse location needed a workspace system that represented it’s edge while also responding appropriately to its unique surroundings. dTank and Alliance Architecture successfully navigated this challenge by pairing visual impact with practical application, inspiring this graceful and space-utilizing custom solution.

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