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Providence St. Joseph Medical Center’s Palliative Care Unit

Puchlik Design Associates partnered with dTank to create custom furniture for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center‘s palliative care unit. When creating furniture in the healthcare, whether it is for waiting rooms, exam rooms, and patient rooms such as this one, we combine the requirements provided by the medical facility and project architect with Evidence Based Design principals and our knowledge of hospitality furniture.This approach results in patient-centered furniture solutions that provide a sense of comfort during what may be an uneasy situation.

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Client: Providence St. Joseph Medical Center – Palliative Care Suites

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Mission Hills, CA

Scope: Casework, Writing Desk, Coffee Table, Sink, Nightstand, CoArt Art Panels, Clothing Cabinets

Materials: Wood Laminate, Caesarstone, Powder-Coated Steel, Digitally Printed Acrylic Panels

Design Firm: Puchlik Design Associates


Clothing Cabinet – Ceiling height made of wood laminate and a powder-coated steel handle

Casework – Made of wood laminate placed against the wall fitting perfectly between the wall and the room divider. Cabinet design is made to camouflage within the space.

CoArt Acrylic Panel – A custom boiphilic design made by CoArt by dTank printed on an acrylic panel that is placed in the middle of the casework providing a calming backdrop for guests. Demountable side panels are designed for access to in-wall Med Gases when zone is used as an overflow licensed bed.

Writing Desk – Freestanding wood laminate stand and drawers topped off with a white Caesarstone table designed for ease relocation when zone is needed for overflow licensed Bed.

Sink – Wood laminate drawers topped off with a white Caesarstone sink.

Coffee Table – Wood laminate table and powder-coated steel legs made with a modern design.

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Healing Art


Studies have shown a direct link between images of nature and it’s positive affects on patient’s health in medical facilities. Too often, patients and physicians find themselves in dim, white, sterile rooms and hallways that can create a disconnected and distressed mental state. One study has found the patients that see images or videos or nature and landscapes, also known as healing art, tend to require far fewer medications for anxiety and agitation and another finds it can lower heart and blood pressure rates.

Healing Art not only benefits the patient, but also the nurses, physicians, medical staff, guests and the facility itself! Similar to how a nicely designed work space can affect an employee’s job satisfaction or a client’s perception of the company, when healing art is hung in patient rooms, hallways or waiting rooms, all that come across it are positively affected.

At CoArt by dTank, we have created a collection of healing art photography art you can choose from or you can request a custom design. All art is designed, printed on your chosen material, and installed by us.

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