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LED: Furniture in a New Light

Does your furniture make a statement? Often times our clients do so by adding LED lights to their reception desks, conference areas, and even branded or custom artwork. Here are a few of our custom products that have incorporated LED lighting for a heightened user experience and a lively work environment.

With growing technology and expertise in the field, LED lighting panels can be made custom for your space, taking into account the space that it is going into and the current ambient lighting levels. With dTank’s Custom LED Lighting and 3Form’s Resin Panels, we give you control of the experience, from choosing the resin material, color, brightness of lighting, and much more.


For our client Legendary Entertainment, we wanted to create a unique and branded retail space that elevates the brands merchandise and creates an engaging retail-esque experience. Materials included Oak Veneer, Stainless Steel, and LED Lights. See the full scope of this project here.

LED furniture

Swag Room for Legendary Entertainment HQ. Design Firm: Felderman Keatinge & Associates


For Florida International University, dTank partnered with JC White Architectural Interior Products to design and build computer stations with our custom LED lighting and 3Form’s resin panels at FIU’s Computing & Information Sciences department. To make the LED edge lighting accessible we created a removable toe kick and also added digital dimmer so that the client could adjust the lighting as needed. Materials applied include 3Form Chroma, LED Lighting for 3Form Chroma, Cemetal Brushed Aluminum.


Rounded computer lab stations that include 3Form Resin Panels with incorporated LED lighting created by dTank. Project completed in 2015.


To take interiors a step further, CoArt Acoustics has developed an acoustic art system that integrates LED lighting into beautiful custom and ready-made artwork. Up to 100 ft. long, these panels increase sound quality within a space to maximize employee productivity, client and guest comfort, and even promote healing and enhance patient privacy in healthcare interiors.

LED furniture

Hospitality lobby featuring CoArt LED Wall Panel with artwork from the ‘Abstract’ Collection (left) and Cafe featuring LED Wall Panel with artwork from ‘Travel’ Collection (right)


Whether it is for healthcare, hospitality, or corporate offices, a reception desk is often times the first piece of furniture your clients see. For Grand Rounds Healthcare in San Francisco we used Formica ColorCore2 Laminate, Corian Transaction Surface, and LED Lighting to create a custom and branded reception desk.

LED furniture

Custom reception desk with LED lighting detail. Design Firm: NBBJ Architects


dTank redesigned AICPA’s video conference room to accommodate their meeting needs with fully equipped electrical outlets and plug ins. Inside are LED TV screens designed so that no matter where u sit you have a view of the screens. Additionally, each seat has a microphone to enable interactive video conferencing.

LED furniture

dTank custom video conferencing tables with LED screens, microphones, and power outlets. Design Firm: Shubin + Donaldson Architects