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Landscapes vs. Cityscapes: A Material Study from West to East Coast

A study that looks at the way cityscapes and landscapes influence materials and ultimately furniture design.

hollywood collage blog materials

joshua tree materials collage

California; Artwork by CoArt Acoustics ~ Materials Applied: Direct Moulding Wooden Framing, 3form ecoresin in Struck Kelp, Ice Stone in Denim Moss, Sonoma Cast Stone in EarthCrete, Pino Cervino High Gloss Wood. Joshua Tree: Lab Design Corrugated Tin Laminate, 3form ecoresin in Scribble Spice, IceStone in Sky Pearl, 3form ecoresin in Rust Oxide, EuroStone in Thyme

chicago collage materials

Chicago; Artwork by CoArt Acoustics ~ Materials Applied: Midnight Wooden Frame, Chemetal laminate in Meteor, EuroStone in Thyme, Avonite stone in Tusk, Trespa Grit Blue Gray, Chemetal laminate in Metropolis, Laminart in Titanium, 3form ecoresin in Tonic.

NYC collage materials

New York; Artwork by CoArt Acoustics ~ Materials Applied: Hot Rolled Steel, Robin Reigi Textured Steel, ECOR Brushed Aluminum Laminate, CHEMETAL 300 Series Metal Patinas, Custom Color Outlet, Panelite Bonded Series in Orange Transparent, & Forms + Surfaces Polished Stainless Steel.

If you have any questions regarding the materials applied, feel free to contact us.