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The Importance of Divider Panels in the Age of a Pandemic

How Companies Are Adapting To The Safety Needs of a Pandemic

The rise in COVID-19 cases have increased the past month across the United States and design companies have been finding new solutions to protect workers in every industry. From healthcare environments to retail, the demand for protection is high as businesses, both large and small, prepare to send their employees safely back to work.

However, certain industries are at higher risk than others. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), people working in healthcare environments continue to remain at “critical levels of risk” as they are continually exposed to the virus on a daily basis. So what solutions are being used to protect those working out in the field? One solution that meets coronavirus protection protocols is the implementation of physical barriers (or panels) and wall partitions.

The Importance Of Divider Panels And Its Increasing Demand

In the pre-pandemic world, the modern office space was known for shared workstations and collaborative areas, promoting and engaging creativity among employees. However, times have certainly changed as social distancing protocols have remained in place these past few months. Also, given the state of the economy, the pressure to send workers back into offices has never been higher. Aside from most businesses that continue to keep employees working from home, or those who­­­ slowly return to offices with fewer people; how can we all come back to an open office space without the risk of getting infected?

While not visually pleasing in most spaces, divider panels have been tested and proven to be effective against coronavirus. The “sneeze guard” has become the norm in groceries, convenience stores and large retail centers like Target and Walmart. They are effective in deflecting any micro-particles through coughs and sneezes which may be exhibited through verbal communication. The panels are primarily easy to install and maintain; as well as being cost effective for large scale productions. The material commonly used for these panels is plexi-glass acrylic sheets. However, there are certain industries that may require a higher density/stronger material; for greater strength, the panels can also be made from impact-modified acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG sheets.

All Hands On Deck: Providing Protection to Those in the Community

Every helping hand matters as more companies are adapting to meet the safety needs in this age of a pandemic. The world economy is in freefall and businesses are looking to find unique ways to stay afloat and survive during these difficult times. This effects all industries across the nation including those operating on a smaller scale. Local shop owners strive to keep their employees working and have looked to new business opportunities and helping those that need protection against coronavirus. Companies like Versare Solutions initially known for designing room dividers and cubicle stations have now shifted their mission objective to making Plexiglass divider screens for cashiers, checkouts and reception areas. Even a Kayaking company in Minneapolis has focused on face shields after requests from friends and health practioners.

Here at dTank, our design firm which has solely focused on making custom furniture for the past 22 years, has decided to take action and do our part in the community and across the country, by providing protective divider panel solutions for workspaces in every industry.

The idea of creating a protective barrier between you and your fellow coworker may be a new concept that may take time getting used to, but given these circumstances, it is important to note that the safety of our community is paramount. Which is why the implementation of divider panels, hence “sneeze guards” are not only effective solutions to protecting employee’s working in the field, but are also a new business venture for companies willing to help save lives and a way to survive in this struggling economy.