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Growing Texas Workforce Enjoys Transformative Age Office Design

We are now living in the Transformative Age, an era that is changing our work environments in unprecedented ways. New-age factors like a cloud-based world and gig economy, smart cities with cleaner energies, and wellness are influencing the mindsets of today’s millennials. This has affected where they want to live and who they want to work for.

In the United States, the lone star state is one of the most popular target destinations. Companies are moving to Texas in record numbers and the workforce is following. According to U.S. Census Bureau data more than 1 million people have moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Why Texas?

At dTank, we do a lot of research to gain fresh insights and ideas for the best furniture design solutions. Generally, we have found that companies want to move to Texas because the state is business-friendly with easy-to-get-along-with municipalities and a relaxed regulatory environment. In addition, taxes are lower with no income taxes, so everyone gets a better lifestyle at a lower cost of living.

Companies today are painfully aware of how office design and amenities influence the decisions of new employees. Their goal is to locate and entice individuals and then once hired, to engage, inspire and encourage collaboration. The challenge is that today’s employees are a lot more sophisticated that one might think! After all, an average person spends about one third of their life at work.

This is why workers are seeking what appears to be a home away from home creative, modern and colorful resi-mercial workspaces with access to quiet rooms and work hubs for connected collaboration. They also like access to outdoor spaces and breakrooms, coffeeshops or speakeasies that offer more food choices. Fitness and wellness seem to be key factors for today’s more health-conscious workforce, along with extra amenities like gyms, free parking, and even child and pet care services.

When it comes to furnishing these new-age office spaces, architects, and designers alike have recognized that there is a need for customization that’s hard to achieve with traditional, old-school reception desks, confining cubicles and conference rooms, or the divided workstations of years gone by. They know that there are big advantages to commissioning custom furniture designers and are therefore educating their corporate clients on the facts. Custom furniture is competitively priced and does not necessarily require longer lead times; not to mention the aesthetic advantages.

As a result of all these transformative trends, dTank is experiencing an uptick in business filtering into the company from the state of Texas. As we work with architects and designers to create, manufacture, and source custom furniture solutions, our team is equipped to offer solutions that will ultimately help companies operate in an entirely new way.

Hiring is up seven percent in Austin since 2018, as per the LinkedIn WorkForce Report. Our dTank team often works Clive Wilkerson on projects in Austin including this downtown Austin corporate space design. This talent acquisition company required doubling of their growing office space to accommodate 450 employees across 42,000 square feet of space and across two contiguous floors. Their goals included transforming how their employees could share expertise and learn — connectivity, and transparency.



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