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dTank: A Furniture Dealer's Best Friend

dTank recently sat down with Westfall Commercial Furniture to discuss some of the trends in commercial interior design that have driven furniture dealers to work with custom furniture manufacturers. Clients who really benefit from using a dealer are going to be your smaller to medium sized companies who don't necessarily have in-house designers and can utilize a dealers services in full. Westfall field verifies, executes space planning, specifies furniture, and installs for their clients. However, to truly optimize working with a dealer, it is important to specify custom furniture especially for pieces like conference tables or reception desks.


With the influx of standardized, off the shelf furniture products and rapid-fire trends, it is no wonder companies are turning to bespoke furniture for quality and individuality. The demand for custom furniture in the commercial interiors market specifically, continues to rise. Therefore, vendors are expected to source top brands but also offer a means to specifying custom, one-of-a-kind furniture that no one else has. For Westfall, this was one of the major pain points before using dTank, not being able to achieve what the client was looking for. By utilizing custom furniture manufacturing you are able to tell the client that you have the resources to create custom pieces - securing a larger scope of the project for your firm.


Not only are custom furniture design firms pushing for their product to be seen as a equal or greater option to standardized products, but dealers and architect firms too are beginning to educate their clients on the advantages of incorporating custom furniture. Often times the word "custom" is associated with longer lead times, and higher costs, but that is not always the case. In fact, custom products are often competitive in pricing and lead times making them a better alternative to basic products on the market. An evolving office landscape of open floor plans and resimercial furniture brings a need for customization that can't be achieved through standard workstations, reception desks and even ancillary pieces. A great example of this in the modern day office would be huddle rooms.

Not to say that standardized products aren't the best solution for certain aspects of a project, because 80% of the time they are! But to be able to provide your client with competitively priced, customized options, will only better your reputation as a resourceful vendor and ultimately get your client into the branded, unique space they are looking for.

dTank Package Includes:


At dTank we are constantly looking for ways to improve our relationships with dealers by finding ways for them to foster their relationships with their clients. We do this by providing packages with 3D visualizations, material call-outs, technology integration, and budget conscious designs. We see dealers as the most instrumental piece in the transaction, so we provide them with the tools they need to assure their clients they are in the best hands possible.

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Until then, here are some of our most successful projects that involved working alongside dealers to create an amazing space for the end client: