dTank CoArt

Core Media Group


Design firm Felderman Keatinge & Associates selected dTank design to create several custom furniture pieces to compliment the architecture of Core Media Group’s New York office. Working with Stanley Felderman, Nancy Keatinge and their team, dTank acheived a cohesive solution in the design of the furniture and its relationship with the interior space for the entertainment company.


At the outset, the reception desk acted as a branded and functional element that introduced the balance of rich wood finishes juxtaposed with a steel transaction top, a signature pairing of surfaces that are evident in the rest of the office.

In regards to workspace areas, two distinctly different systems were designed with the flexibility to suit the unique tasks of their respective departments. Assistant workstations outfitted in American walnut provided ample storage with filing drawers and overhead sliding cabinets while powder coated steel transaction latches served a dual purpose of both functionality and privacy. Marketing workstations were punctuated with bright accents on the mobile pedestals and facilitated a more open, collaborative environment that encouraged focused research and open information sharing when necessary.



Elemental contrast was reinforced in the boardroom, where traditional craftsmanship met modern minimalist structure. The table’s rich wood surface featured bow-tie connectors while a channel of rocks down the center added a Zen-garden appeal. The tabletop was then balanced with a sleek stainless steel base.


As a company rooted in popular entertainment, unique features continued to the conference room, where a seamless work-to-play option was integrated into the workspace. Doubling as a Ping-Pong surface for post-meeting Fridays, the conference table contains slide-out drawers customized with special stainless steel hardware.


For the private office, the executive table is easily the focal point of the space with its “floating” marble top executive desk. Spanning 8’ across, the cantilevered surface sits atop a stainless steel base, reinforcing the clean aesthetic continuity of the surrounding space.

Staying true to their custom turn-key process, dTank responded to the specific needs of the client with designs that maximized workflow and provided a seamless, high-end aesthetic informed by the architecture it was planned around.