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plywood plywood

Plywood: The Staple of Modern Design Prevails

Plywood has for some time now been considered a less than desirable material for elevated design. However, it is a superior material by nature. Its strong, adaptive and flexible nature has always k...

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glory_travertine_gloss_30x90.width-1900.jpg glory_travertine_gloss_30x90.width-1900.jpg

Laminate: The Stone Alternative

The design process is something dTank is all too familiar with. We want to make your material selection process as easy and informed as possible. We have teamed up with Panolam to show you some gre...

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gold glitters gold glitters

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

New style reports from 2018 show that brass furniture has made a comeback taking inspirations from art deco, streamline, and some more contemporary styles. You might have seen brass popping up in h...

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Hot v. Cold Rolled Steel: Do You Know the Diffe...


Hot Rolled Steel (LEFT) and Cold Rolled Steel (RIGHT)

There is often a misconception regarding hot versus cold rolled steel and when it comes to designing with steel, form must meet function. To cre...

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Shipping containers Shipping containers

A New Take on Shipping Containers


There are nearly 30 million shipping containers in use in the world today. Over a million of them are replaced each year by the shipping industry. A standard 20 foot unit contains about 5000...

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Redesigning Healthcare: RIC AbilityLab

Clive Wilkinson Architects redesigned the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago into the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab; A 27-story, 1.2-million-square-foot facility that gives patients 24/7 access to the b...

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sneak peak banner floorplan sneak peak banner floorplan

A Sneak Peak Into Our Latest Project!

Last week, our team headed out to an installation site in Los Angeles to check out our custom office furniture for a commercial real estate firm in Westwood LA. At dTank, we specialize in creating ...

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5 standout materials banner 5 standout materials banner

5 Standout Materials For Your Industry

Innovative materials we utilize when fabricating your commercial, corporate, educational or healthcare furniture.


Over the past twenty years, dTank has developed an expertise in creating cu...

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Freemark Financial Freemark Financial

The Beauty Behind Solid Hardwood Furniture

Conference tables, desks, cabinets, credenzas, armoires – over the past twenty years dTank has developed an expertise in creating custom furniture solutions using solid hardwood for our clients in ...

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foam core foam core

The Benefits of Full Scale Foam Core Models

Foam core model making is a valuable tool that provides our clients a full-scale mock up of their furniture in “real life.” Prior to this point, we are limited to sketches and renderings so creatin...

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Power Power

Stay Powered Up!

Powered up

powered uppp

Technology is everywhere, entwined in almost every part of our lives, including the workspace. In almost all modern spaces we come across today being technologically connected is very important and...

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