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Eating Healthier While Working from Home

The year 2020 is almost over yet COVID-19 remains at large in every community. With the upcoming flu season approaching this winter and the increase in COVID-19 cases once again spiking in countrie...

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The best thing about working with epoxy resin is that it can be used with just about anything. The kinds of products people create with this substance are skies the limit; from mold making to jewel...

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Life Outside the Office Amidst a Pandemic

Life Outside the Office Amidst a Pandemic

We are already more than half way into 2020 and the novel coronavirus pandemic for the most part, has kept everyone around the world at home. The summer of ...

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8 Architecture Design Tricks That Affect Your B...


1. Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is known for bringing tranquility to a space through its calming qualities. You can consider mauve, purple, navy and violets when designing spas or wellness centers...

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Laminate: The Stone Alternative

The design process is something dTank is all too familiar with. We want to make your material selection process as easy and informed as possible. We have teamed up with Panolam to show you some gre...

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NeoCon 2018 Product Preview



Each year, Maharam transforms its Chicago showroom into an open gallery space in which a minimum of product can be shown to its best advantage. Their overall presentation is sure to keep you...

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gold glitters gold glitters

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

New style reports from 2018 show that brass furniture has made a comeback taking inspirations from art deco, streamline, and some more contemporary styles. You might have seen brass popping up in h...

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Hot v. Cold Rolled Steel: Do You Know the Diffe...


Hot Rolled Steel (LEFT) and Cold Rolled Steel (RIGHT)

There is often a misconception regarding hot versus cold rolled steel and when it comes to designing with steel, form must meet function. To cre...

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LED furniture LED furniture

LED: Furniture in a New Light

Does your furniture make a statement? Often times our clients do so by adding LED lights to their reception desks, conference areas, and even branded or custom artwork. Here are a few of our custom...

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Shipping containers Shipping containers

A New Take on Shipping Containers


There are nearly 30 million shipping containers in use in the world today. Over a million of them are replaced each year by the shipping industry. A standard 20 foot unit contains about 5000...

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5 Standout Materials For Your Industry

Innovative materials we utilize when fabricating your commercial, corporate, educational or healthcare furniture.


Over the past twenty years, dTank has developed an expertise in creating cu...

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🏥 Designing Healthcare for Millennials 🏥

As the millennials over take the baby boomers as the largest generation in America, healthcare has taken a dramatic shift in the way they approach designing for Millennials as they will be making d...

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Does Your Workspace Pass the ‘5 Sense Test’?


Multi-sensory design can best be described as an approach to design that encompasses a full experience, one that radiates the desired essence or vibe of a brand using s...

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5 Ways to Improve Office Acoustics

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From furniture to flooring and layout, it all matters. Every surface either absorbs or reflects sound as it travels through a space. Harder furniture will ultimately refle...

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Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017

When you work with dTank, you work creatively and cleverly. Our inspiration comes from magazines, colors, movies, nature, but most importantly, knowledge. We aim to inspire through our understandin...

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Take It Outside: Workplace Trends

Over the last decade there has been a steady progression in integration of nature in the workplace from wood panel installations and lush greenery to expansive windows and skylights. While an outdo...

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Work pod Work pod

The Work Pod Is The New Cubicle

3d to final

Stepping away from the typical call-center style, our client wanted to create a more modern space allowing employees the ability to collaborate while also maintaining the right amount of privacy. T...

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collab collab

Trending: Collaborative Work Desks

icrete collab


Today, creating a progressive and creative work ambiance is very important and providing a collaborative workplace for employees to naturally engage with one another has been on the rise. M...

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Power Power

Stay Powered Up!

Powered up

powered uppp

Technology is everywhere, entwined in almost every part of our lives, including the workspace. In almost all modern spaces we come across today being technologically connected is very important and...

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