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The Benefits of Full Scale Foam Core Models

Foam core model making is a valuable tool that provides our clients a full-scale mock up of their furniture in “real life.” Prior to this point, we are limited to sketches and renderings so creating theses models allow us to not only view a furniture piece in its entirety but due to its portability, it allows our clients to get an overall size and layout of the furniture within their space.

foam core model

The foam core model is made up of white foam boards simply focusing on the product itself allowing all involved to evaluate the overall scale and form together without the distractions of colors, materials and finishing details. This beneficial process will often lead to revelations about the product that can be addressed at this stage rather than later in the process.

As a cost efficient solution with quick turnaround in production, these models will help guide your design process by allowing you to touch, interact, and provide instant feedback on your furniture.