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The Beauty Behind Solid Hardwood Furniture

Conference tables, desks, cabinets, credenzas, armoires – over the past twenty years dTank has developed an expertise in creating custom furniture solutions using solid hardwood for our clients in all industries. Our hardwood sources, exclusively located in the United States, handpick slabs to create the most dependable and beautiful furniture. That said, there is true value in choosing solid hardwood furniture that goes way beyond its beauty.


Built to Last

Solid hardwood is widely known for its durability and is more often than not the reason many choose it for their custom furniture pieces. Solid hardwood furniture can last for hundreds of years without the need of regular upkeep. Any scratches, water spot stains, dings or dents can easily be repaired and they are also much less expensive to repair than other options.


Quality of Design

The diligent craftsmanship behind our fabrication process using solid hardwood is like no other and the overall look can range from a traditional to modern style. Each piece is built to ensure premium quality and luxury with detailed and fine finishings.


Timeless Beauty

Oak, Maple, Cherry, Alder, Walnut – these are just a few of over 90 types of hardwood species, not including sub-species, all with a unique color and style. Even among the same wood, each piece is one-of-a-kind with its own markings and variations in grain pattern, texture and color. The natural beauty of hardwood furniture gains value as it ages and forms its own character.


Sourced in the USA

You can rest assure knowing that not only is your furniture manufactured and created in America but the solid hardwood comes directly from the forests located in the USA. American forests are sustainably managed and timber is harvested with environmentally aware techniques.