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5 Standout Materials For Your Industry

Innovative materials we utilize when fabricating your commercial, corporate, educational or healthcare furniture.


Over the past twenty years, dTank has developed an expertise in creating custom furniture solutions using solid hardwood for our clients in all industries. Our hardwood sources, exclusively located in the United States, handpick slabs to create the most dependable and beautiful conference tables, desks, cabinets, credenzas, armoires, and more. Solid hardwood is widely known for its durability and is more often than not the reason many choose it for their custom furniture pieces. Solid hardwood furniture can last for hundreds of years without the need of regular upkeep. Any scratches, water spot stains, dings or dents can easily be repaired and they are also much less expensive to repair than other options.


Custom dTank Credenza, bow-tie detailing with solid hardwood


Custom dTank Conference Table for Freemark Financial using solid hardwood


Custom dTank Credenza for Freemark Financial using solid hardwood


For sleek and stunning commercial spaces, Chemetal laminate and metals are both reliable and consistent. Chemetal is equipped with endless collections and finishes, both handmade and machine manufactured by deep brushing, aging, and adding patinas. We use the Magnetic & Dry Erase features for commercial spaces to allow modification and practicality with each piece of furniture. Each piece is a unique work of art and manufactured with the utmost consistency to ensure repeatability.

5 standout materials

Custom Magnetic Laminates


For patients, privacy is inevitably important when visiting a clinic or a hospital. Carnegie has created a fabric that provides healthcare designers with a simple and calming solution to creating easy means of privacy. The collection includes a series of understated stripes in 3 scales and graphics which deliver a calming energy, all while meeting the demanding criteria of healthy spaces. The Beyond Wellness Collection pairs greatly with CoArt Acoustics for an acoustically sound space.


Beyond Wellness collection, Starburst


Healing Art CoArt Acoustics Ceiling Cloud Panel


Similar to corporate architectural design, many educational campuses are creating a biophilic layout which requires more outdoor furniture than ever. Libraries and classrooms are also becoming more collaborative and open, requiring furniture to be the most functional part of the building! Luckily, 3form‘s large scale and colorful panels allow for a creative custom pieces while maintaining the practicality of resin. With almost any color to chose from, it is great for branding school colors, adding playful designs, and creating a color coordinated visual aid for visitors.


3form’s Varia Ecoresin


Using opulent or luxe fabrics can greatly enhance hospitality interiors and therefore a customer’s experience. Carnegie’s Uncommon Threads is a series of panel textiles that combines technical yarns with off-loom techniques to produce highly textured surfaces. There are six patterns in the collection. The textiles are suited for contract environments such as dining and waiting areas, lobbies and lounges.


Carnegie Fabric’s Uncommon Threads


Carnegie Fabric’s Uncommon Threads


Carnegie Fabric’s Uncommon Threads