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Our Process


You participate meaningfully in the furniture design, development and production by providing your specific needs and benefits of the project.


From height-adjustable desks, to re-positionable monitor arms, we aim to instill long-lasting comfort, health and endurance in your furniture.


Our technology integrated designs create a fully customizable space that allows a range of electrical use including AV connectivity, USB ports, and charging stations.


We recommend and source unlimited high-quality surface finishes and textiles that take into account your aesthetic and color scheme.


Our 3D modeling software allows us to create a virtual products for you. Collaboration is again one of the key elements during this phase.


Using AutoCAD and Solidworks, engineering is pre-assembled with numeric codes for easy replacements and add-ons.


By utilizing USA manufacturing, we can guarantee the highest quality while also reducing tracking cost and carbon footprint.


Our expert shipping and installation teams nationwide provide professional “white glove” service from our factory to your site.

Our Team

Reto EberleChief Creative Officer

Evelyn PiraliDirector of Communications and External Relations

Rick Ibarra Chief Operating Officer

Monika MovagharianSenior Project Manager

David Sanchez Project Specialist

Ashley Seiter Furniture Designer

Rolf Rhyner President

Noah Tucker Furniture Engineer

Lizzie Fisher PR & Marketing Coordinator

Enzo HidalgoGraphics Coordinator

Philip Greub Vice President of Finance


Born in Switzerland and raised by a family in the office furniture manufacturing industry, Reto Eberle was immersed and fascinated with furniture design and engineering at an early age. He proceeded to earn a career as a Swiss certified Machine Mechanic learning everything there is to know about fabrication. In 1988, at the age of 21, Reto made the decision to follow his entrepreneurial spirit by leaving his hometown of Switzerland and making his way to Los Angeles, CA to fulfill the American dream of starting his own business. With a background in engineering, he rediscovered his passion of furniture design and fabrication and in 1998 founded dTank Inc.

Knowing that value, quality and uniqueness is key for a driving business, he established dTank with the idea that Architects and Interior Designers will use their creative skills in workspace design to collaborate and bring their ideas to reality. This in turn reversed the fabrication process by 180 degrees making it so design drives fabrication and not the other way around.

Over the past three decades, Reto has collaborated with the world’s most prominent Architects and Designers focused in workspace design. From small design studios to large Fortune 100 companies, his dedication to push design and fabrication to its limits and explore new and trending possibilities is what continues to make dTank a success.


For over 3 years, Ashley has been a designer at dTank, designing custom furniture in Sketchup and creating 3D models for our clients. Prior to designing furniture, Ashley went to school for Interior Design and worked for a large corporation that made automated dispensing and supply chain technologies. Recently married to a man serving in the Military, Ashley has travelled around quite a bit in the past few years, from her hometown of Ohio to California to Hawaii and back. She is now living overseas in Germany for three years but lucky for us she’s got her laptop in tow and just a call away!

Over the phone or Face to Face?

West Coast or Midwest?

Donuts or Bagels?

Commercial or Residential?

Photography or Video?


Rick’s role is an Operations Manager, running the day-to-day at dTank and making sure our projects run as smooth as possible. Prior to dTank, he spent twelve years proudly serving our country in the Marine Corps and raising 3 boys! Shortly after his time in the military, he started working in the manufacturing industry and stayed in the industry for over 10 years sometimes overseeing a staff of 200 people! During his professional career, Rick got his Master’s in Education at the University of Phoenix and spent the last year working for the LA County Jails as an Instructor teaching inmates life skills. When he’s not at work you can either find him on the sidelines of his kid’s various sports games or volunteering as a Training Officer for the Young Marines. If it’s one thing you should know about Rick, it is that he places a high value on helping others succeed personally and professionally.


Macro-manage or Micro-manage?

Late Night or Early Morning?
Late night

Android or Apple?

Do it Yourself or Hire an Expert?
I am the expert.

Baseball or Football?


Lucia is an enthusiastic Project Manager at dTank working to ensure each of her projects is executed properly and in a timely manner. She brings excitement to each day and it is no wonder as her journey to this point is just as exciting. Born and raised in Mexico, she followed her passions and came to the U.S. through an exchange program to earn her degree in Interior Design at Arapahoe College in Colorado. She quickly learned the language, fell in love with the culture, and decided on making her stay permanent. Lucia has worked in the custom furniture design industry for over 4 years doing design and project management. Her other passions include cooking and travelling. She cannot get enough of experiencing new cultures via food. Safe to say, she made her way to the right city!

To-do List or Calendar?
To-do List

Instagram or Snapchat?

New or Antique?

Comedy or Drama?

Beer or Wine?


Monika’s role as a Project Manager comes down to coordinating between the designers, engineers, clients, vendors, carriers, and the list goes on and on. She is a multi-tasker to say the least and her previous work experiences have helped. After she got her MBA with an emphasis in Accounting, she started working in her field, however, over time moved through various positions from accounting to shipping to purchasing and now project management. Fun Fact: Monika used to play professional basketball and speaks 3 languages: English, Armenian and Farsi!

Phone Call or Email?

Vintage or Modern?

Dine In or Delivery?
Dine In

Road Trip or Long Flight?
Road Trip

Sophisticated or Edgy?
Definitely sophisticated


Rolf was brought into dTank from its inception in 1998 and has been an irreplaceable asset to the company since. His role as a Production Manager consists of managing all fabrication and installation for each and every project, which means he travels a lot! With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is able to closely oversee our engineers, manufacturers and installers, ensuring everything gets done correctly and that the client is satisfied. When Rolf can get away from work, he loves to be active and go skiing or golfing.

Furniture or Lighting?

Mexican or Sushi?

Busy or Bored?

Indoor or Outdoor?

Desktop or iPad?


Noah started at dTank as an Assistant to Project Managers and worked his way up to being our sole in-house Designer/Engineer. His job consists of translating schematic designs into shop drawings, which basically means he turns drawings into the real deal! Before dTank was in the picture, Noah would spend his days working at a metal manufacturing shop and his nights at the ArtCenter in Pasadena learning product design. Now, when he’s not sitting at his desk behind dual-monitors working away, he takes advantage of the close California coast to go surfing.

Solidworks for AutoCad?

Wood or Metal?

Big Concert or Intimate Show?

Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?
Even Stephen Colbert would pick Jon Stewart

Reality or Scripted TV?
Scripted TV


As a Creative Marketing Manager, Evelyn is responsible for all the creative marketing aspects of dTank including the custom art projects. She manages the website, advertising, blogs and more making sure the company is being well represented. Although she’s been in the marketing industry for over 5 years, she didn’t start there. Evelyn received her Psychology degree from California State University of Northridge and started working for a recruiting company staffing technical professionals. During this time, she started to volunteer and later interned for a non-profit assisting their marketing team and found she wanted to push her career towards that path. Years later, she found herself combing her two passions in marketing and interiors and made her way to dTank! When she’s not at work, she dedicates a lot of her time fulfilling her creative needs by pursuing interior and event design projects.

Blog or Social Media?
Creating blogs and browsing social media

Sweet or Salty foods?

Romantic Comedy of Drama?

Print of Digital Book?

Game of Thrones or House of Cards?


Philip is currently serving dual-roles at dTank as Finance and Office Manager. He first received his Architectural degree in 1981 in Switzerland and has worked in the furniture industry continuously since 1984 including his 12 years at dTank! His well-rounded work experiences have varied from drafting to managing finances, making him a valuable asset to the company. On the weekends, Philip enjoys his time on his ongoing hobby of remodeling his house.

Spend on objects or Spend on experiences?

Detail Oriented or Big Picture?
Detail Oriented

Homebody or Traveler?

Snow or Sunshine?

Fast Food or Healthy Food?


Enzo’s role at dTank is beyond Graphic Coordinator; he’s involved with assisting in all parts of the company from marketing, research, internal organization and more. As a recent graduate from San Francisco State University majoring in Industrial Arts, his insight and ideas are a refreshing part in what we do. His hobbies include drawing (he studied animation at Woodbury), creative writing and storytelling.

Photoshop or Illustrator?

Netflix or HBO?
Can’t pick between the two!

Hero or Villain?

Hand Drawn or Digital Illustration?
Hand Drawn

Music or Podcast?


Maude’s position at dTank goes beyond her title as a Sales Coordinator, but her main responsibility boils down to acquiring new business for dTank. Before entering the custom furniture industry, she held several positions within the music and sports industries from managing merchandising with Warped Tour to doing international sales with Quiksilver. Born in the Swiss Alps, Maude’s exciting professional career has taken her around the world allowing her to have experience living in Switzerland, Germany, New York and Los Angeles! On her downtime, Maude is an avid Crossfit and Olympic Lifting competitor working her way to become a coach.

PowerPoint or Prezi?

East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast

Coffee or Tea?
Ginger or Green Tea!

Reading or Writing?

Sci-Fi or Documentary?


Sandra is currently a Project Manager at dTank overseeing custom art projects and e-commerce orders. With one degree in Business and a second in Art, she has a wide range of experiences that assist in her position. Prior to dTank, Sandra worked in the music industry managing the production of CDs and digital art. Sandra’s personal passions and interests include watching sports and movies, drawing, and getting involved in animal rescue.

Actual or Abstract?
I’m a realist.

Movie or TV Show?

Math or English?

Black Coffee or Latte?
Soy Latte

Black and White or Color?
Black and White

Some of our featured clients

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